Cute Mischievous Cat & Dog,Cute Animals German Shepherd and Golden Retriever are Best Friends for Kitten

German Shepherd and Golden Retriever are Best Friends for Kitten

Kitten is so comfortable with his two brothers beside him and Rocky is just a big gentle giant with him. Beautiful!Jak miło widzieć zgodę wśród zwierząt, podczas gdy ludzie zamieniają się w. Bestie. Serdecznie pozdrawiam Was jaOsaRocky has come a long way since his first interaction with the baby 🐥 he tried to eat. Love how gentle, loving and caring your dogs are.Love the way Rocky & Bailey’s (& Teddy’s) “mom & dad” have so beautifully trained their pups to be the most benevolent of kitty friends <3 And thank you that we got to watch Rocky learning! thank you for sharing some of that process! Think Rocky has almost finally grown into his big body and can keep track of where his paws (and his mouth!) are. And well Bailey, gentle nanny <3In the years of growing up the dogs would chase the cats but things have certainly changed and it is nice to see dogs and cats interacting with each other and becoming best friendsThe reason why people’s hearts are healed when they come in contact with pets is not only because of their cute appearance. The daily care and affection that we give to our pets itself helps to heal our hearts. In addition, nonverbal communication with animals, whose emotions are not hidden, helps us develop a sense of compassion for others. When you do something for your pet that makes him or her happy, it makes you happy, too. Living with a pet can be difficult at times, but it can also be a great source of comfort and healing. Please try to have a pet and let it heal you.Very beautiful videos. The dogs are very protective and caring for this kitten. In the meantime, the kitten seems to relish in all this comfort by just relaxing, stretching and looking down from the sofa once in a while.When I was growing up we had an older yellow lab, a younger German shepherd, and a cat. They were cool as one might expect. The one thing the dogs shared in abundance was a relentless love of raiding the cat’s food bowl.I just love how you socialize your animals. Nobody says to the dog, why are you a dog. The same goes for the cats, bunnies, and ducks. They love one another. They might fight like dogs and cats, but they love each other because you taught them that. 😉♥️

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