Cute Mischievous Cute Animals,dog/dogs Husky Learns To Rock Newborn Baby In His Bouncing Chair! (Best Babysitter Ever!!)

Husky Learns To Rock Newborn Baby In His Bouncing Chair! (Best Babysitter Ever!!)

Love it when teddy switch between being majestic running on the field to being a big gigantic goofy gentle pupTeddy’s ears going back and forth when his paw rocked the chair was hilarious! He was definitely trying to figure out how the whole thing was supposed to work (“does it bounce? is it not supposed to stay still? do I poke it with my snout?”) 😂 But both he and baby are clearly just happy and peaceful just chilling together, its so heartwarming ❤Teddy’s a hyper fluffster but he’s also the bestest boy 🥰🥰🥰I remember PhillyBear “bouncing” Amelia when she was Nathan’s age too; but he also tried to hide behind her (in the chair) when it was bath time! 😂 Can’t wait to see what Nathan & Teddy get up to in the future. 🥰❤I’m amazed at the gentleness of Teddy considering the malamute breed’s wolf ancestry. Your dogs get so much love and attention. Maybe that’s why. He’s an exquisite malamute.Thank you again and again for sharing your adventures with your beautiful babies Amelia and Nathan as well as your adorable pets, Phillie, Nico, Teddy and sweet Milo. May God protect all of you and your loved ones as He showers you with His Abundant Love and inner Peace beyond measure 💕💐❤️When my daughter was that age, she had a bouncy chair like that. Our husky used to love using her nose and snout to bounce the chair from behind. A lot of your content brings back such great memories of kids and dogs for me….oh, the little girl with the bouncy chair is 34, with her own kids, bouncy chair, and dog rocking her youngest, just like Teddy. Thanks.Btw, Emma, does your hubby know that when you are watching Ethan, you treat him to the “wolf chorus,” in perfect 3-part harmony? Four part harmony if Amelia is in the room.Daddy you both are the best parents ever , I adore your children and fur babies but most of all I pray for you both as parents every single nite , thank you for sharing your true happiness ❤

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