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Funny Kitten Shocked by the New Puppy!

The puppy is like: “I’m going to be your friend and I’m not taking no for an answer.”cat. He is trying his best to be nice and gauging the cat’s every action 🤣This is a really calm and secure cat. I think they’re not only very sweet-natured but must always have had a really safe home life.Oglądam Wasze filmiki od bardzo dawna ♥️ Dają one Mi wiele radości 😍Pięknie nagranie,z wyczuciem moralnym.Emanuje miłość do zwierząt i ludzi❤️ Jesteście poprostu cudowni.Pozdrawiam całą rodzinkę ❤️kotki pieski i króliki,,,, też The puppy never wavers and knows he could lure the feline sweetie with his gentle touch. And the kitten is playing hard to get obviously, but has eventually come around. Sweet:)That’s a very patient cat. He/she is obviously aware the dog is just a puppy, but about 1/3 of the way in the cat gives whomever is taking the video a priceless look begging for help 😂Just to reiterate others’ previous comments, I think this cat was already introduced to the puppy, and is now pretty cool with it. Doesn’t matter how sweet an animal is…they’ll each have their own feelings (whether + or -) about “noobs/rookies” moving in on their pad…

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