Cute Mischievous Cute Animals,dog/dogs Such little puppies abandoned in a ditch by the road | Dog Rescue Shelter

Such little puppies abandoned in a ditch by the road | Dog Rescue Shelter

I like the fact that the rescuer also gives the dogs a kiss on the head. Shows his compassion. Oh, if there were only more like him. Thanks to him and all those who rescue the innocents of the world.I’m so thankful for people like yourselves. Those animals did not stand a chance without your intervention. Shame on those that did this to these precious innocent creatures. Bless y’allI like the way Milan goes the extra mile by checking ditches and hedgerows for the mother and other puppies. When the trials and tribulations of this world get too much for me, I like to view one or more of the videos of the Dog Rescue Centre (Mladenovac). It is good seeing dogs, great and small, being cared for in such a caring manner. Please consider donating something towards the inspiring work of the Dog Rescue Centre (Mladenovac).Duše male. Nikada mi neće biti jasno, zašto ih ostave u nekoj vukoj…ni, i to blizu ceste, gdje im je mogućnost da prežive blizu nule. Mladene veliko bravo!Daj to malo diži na veši nivo.Više video materijala i iz azila, kao i na našem jeziku, da se bar malo promijeni svijest.PozdravHow can people be so cruel to baby animals and all animals in this world. It is so sad leaving them to die. Tragic. You were so thorough looking for more puppies. Thank you God’s Angel for saving these little puppies. Trudy in PA, 🇺🇸 😍 ♥Dear Milan, savior of abandoned puppies and Mummies. The whole world loves you. My family donates to your good work each month and every possible occasion. God bless you I am a Hungaian living in Canada, and I am proud of our greatest poet Alexander Petrovich (Petofi), whose father was a Serbian man Petrovich, an innkeeper in Hungary in t he 1800s – in the Hungarian War for freedom against the Habsburgs, in 1849 Damjanich, a Serbian general was fighting for the freedom of Hungary. Thank you again, Milan. God Bless you.It’s always nice to see when thrown-away kittens or puppies are found and rescued. Unfortunately for every one we see here there are dozens of others that nobody ever finds. Anytime a stray dog or cat gives birth it almost always ends in tragedy and suffering.

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