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Golden Retriever Attacked by Kitten

Guys, I couldn’t wait for this kitten to get inside Bailey through the ear… he wanted to fully explore Bailey, inside and out! Bailey is, without a doubt, the most patient creature in the world!🐕🐱👂💕Quien dice que los perros y gatos no pueden ser amigos? Si aquí nos muestran que es todo lo contrario, bailey es tan suave, cariñoso y gentil con todos los gatitos y disfruta el tiempo con todos ellos. Esto es sin duda lo más dulce que nos muestran en estos vídeos de bailey con los pequeños animalitos My daughter has a 12 month old Goldie & is she a tornado…watching Bailey gives me hope that patience is a virtue & that peace will once again reign when the pup is older…thank you Bailey for your gentle & enduring nature…I now don’t have to wonder what zip-ties might come in handy for!!On the TinyKittens channel, there was ‘Grandpa Mason’ who was an old feral cat who had been trapped for health reasons and to be neutered. It was discovered that Mason had chronic kidney (if I remember, either that or liver) disease and could not be re-released back to the colonies, so it was decided that instead of euthanizing him, the owner of TinyKittens would allow him to live out his life in her home. Mason didn’t like humans, but ended up falling in love with the cats that Shelly (the owner) was fostering. Mason became ‘Grandpa’ to a LOT of kittens in his over 1,000 days with Shelly before he crossed the Rainbow Bridge.Having said all of that, Bailey reminds me a lot of Mason in that he’s there for all the animals that come into this home and he’s gentle and basically lets them get away with anything. He is patient with them, he is kind to them. He does need to watch a few of those Grandpa Mason videos, though, to learn about the “Paw of Nope” so that he can stop some impudence of the kittens, like trying to get in one ear and out the other!

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