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Cute Baby Bunnies think the Golden Retriever is their Mother

This is absolutely adorable 😍They’re all just vibing and chilling. Also, it’s cute how one of the bunnies keeps going over to the bird to say hiYears ago we adopted a Golden Retriever named Betsy’s, she looked “healthy” when we got her. Little by little her healthy turned out to be pregnant. She had her puppies and all were born dead. We buried the pups, by morning she dug them up and were in her bed. My Dad took the pups off. The next day I woke and heard noises in her bed. I looked over and she had stole 3 bunnies. She nursed them and loved them . The bunnies followed her around like she was their Mom. Since we lived on a farm Betsy kept her bunnies. They always cuddled with her at night ( she was spayed after the bunnies were weened). She was a great dog.I’m always amazed how a large dog seems to know that little ones like bunnies are helpless and vulnerable. She is so gentle and loving to them and seems to know not to be rough or she would hurt them. So precious, thank you for sharing. ❤️😊I feel dogs are gentle giants when it comes to animals that are smaller then themselves. She’s a good dog letting them climb all over her and then the bird standing watch like he’s the supervisor HAHA! Fun video. Adorable tiny bunnies, beautiful dog and cute bird. Thanks for the smile! 🤓I keep coming back to this channel and am so amazed by the gentleness of Bailey with other animals. I doubt that you will ever find another like him. Truly unique and the interactions between him and anything you put near him will never cease to amaze me❤️❤️❤️🥰🥰

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