Cute Mischievous Cat/Cats,Cute Animals Woman Finds a Stray Kitten, Crying Like a Bird, Asking For Help

Woman Finds a Stray Kitten, Crying Like a Bird, Asking For Help

Aaaawww it is so heartbreaking how Harvey crying for his mom… ­čśóThank you for helping this sweet baby boy. I wish him all the best for the rest of his life. ­čĺ×Such a cute and adorable kitten. So happy he was helped and saved. Bless the family who adopted him and gives him a forever home.Thank you very much to this kind woman for saving, helping and taking so good care of this cute, adorable and beautiful kitten Harvey. Wish Harvey all the best, all the luck and all the love he deserves and many happy years full with joy and love in a lovely forever home. ­čĄŚHarvey is such a sweet little kitten Thanks to the people who have saved him and to his forever Family I wish them a long life full of joy cuddles and loveEvery time I hear the name Harvey,I smile.It mekes me think of that old black and white movie with James Stewart with his special friend “HARVEY” wich just happened to be this giant rabbit.Loved that movie,wow I just gave ut how old I am.Watching little kittens get rescued does my old heart good.Thank you for saving those babies.Harvey is adorable, IÔÇÖm glad you rescued him. Thank you very much for saving Jehovah Gods little creatures.I would it a incent he just wanted someone to talk to my baby girl (cat) talks to me all the time, she only talks to my husband when he plays beek a boo about with treats if you have cats for along time you know that slit sound in that meow, we have a neighbors cat that baery makes sound but if theres another cat in our yard you can hear him say NO, we take better care of him then the neighbors so I guess we have two cats

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