Cute Mischievous Cat & Dog,Cute Animals German Shepherd and Baby Kittens

German Shepherd and Baby Kittens

It’s just too cute how Rocky reacts🥰 First he has to sniff and then observe. He pays close attention what the little ones are doing and if everything is ok with them. Good boy 👍🐾❤My goodness. Rocky is the greatest example of a GSD I have ever seen. Everything about him is great: His temper, his coat, the way he interacts with other animals. I cannot believe how awesome he is.Sowas suesses hab ich noch nie gesehen 💞!!Er fühlt glaube ich ganz genau, dass er die Kitten nicht mit seiner Pfote berühren darf, da er sie sonst verletzen könnte 🥰!!El perro pastor está encantado con los gaticos ,que belleza ,que lindos son los animales ,hay que cuidarlos y amarlos ,por q son seres vivos que Dios creó..Dios es amor ,amor amor y amor Muy hermoso Pastor Alemán..tan pendiente y preocupado por los michis bebes..parece que estuvo de mala noche por cuidar a los peques. ES SIMPLEMENTE HERMOSO Y MARAVILLOSO. LARGA VIDA PARA TI..HERMOSO PASTOR Y TUS LINDOS GATITOS..BENDICIONESJust signed onto my lap top, my systems are down. Picked up my phone and this is what popped up. Seriously lowered my blood pressure and made me smile. Beautiful pup.Mommy cat trusts him to watch her babies whilst she gets a bit of food etc. If she didn’t trust him she would be there within seconds to have a go at him etc. Lovely to see how careful he is with the kittens, caring and sweet. 🙂❤️

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