Cute Mischievous Cat/Cats,Cute Animals Kitten Loki greets tiny birds for the first time

Kitten Loki greets tiny birds for the first time

So ridiculously cute how all the little chicks periodically charge Loki to get under the cat’s fur for warmth and a nap. =)Just like a curious child with NO intention of doing any harm. Absolutely lovely to watch and the birds seem to feel safe tooWith the name Loki I admit I was a little worried for the birdsI sure am astonished how sweet and gentle he behavedHis disposition is remarkable as is his iconic name.Oh my goodness!! ­čś╗­čś╗I LOVE how the tiny Ducklings are trying to cuddle up to the Kitten!My heart melted! ÔŁĄ´ŞĆÔŁĄ´ŞĆÔŁĄ´ŞĆÔŁĄ´ŞĆThis is the sweetest!Little Kitten is unsure, but so so sweet and gentle.Thank you SO much for sharing these precious moments! ­čś╗­čś╗A natureza ├ę perfeita Deus aben├žoe ilumine todos os animais inocente do planeta terra Deus aben├žoe todos da equipe de resgatado.Sensacional o que a natureza nos faz acreditar na exist├¬ncia de Deus. Que afeto selvagem estamos presenciando entre irracionais resenacidos. Que maravilha natural! Obrigado Senhor. That’s so cute Loki is so beautifully gentle with them little babies if this doesn’t melt your heart i don’t want will this so heart warming and adorable Cuanto tenemos que aprender de los animales, distinta especie y no se extra├▒an, y son animales igual que nosotros….. Hay sigue la historia…….These are cute baby birds. So pretty. It’s so cute to see a lovely cat watching with wide eyes and holding baby birds like a mother. I enjoyed it. Thank you for posting a good video.

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