Cute Mischievous Cute Animals,dog/dogs Imagine being Cold, Hungry, Helpless Baby living in Snow Without Mom

Imagine being Cold, Hungry, Helpless Baby living in Snow Without Mom

I hope and pray the people who took the boys are good people, very happy the girls were rescued. So happy 2 of the girls found a home together, I hope Bonya finds her home soon.These ladies would climb fences to rescue puppies. Little Bonya looks just like a black bear cub, she’s so adorable. Hope she’ll be adopted very soon. Thank you, LFF.Bonya is a beautiful puppy. Hopefully she found a good and safe home. Wish you all the very best! Thanks for helping the animals.Boy… these were some very smart puppies. They were probably weary because they saw their brothers get snatched up. Thank you so much for rescuing these precious little girls and thank you all for everything you do…­čą░Thank you to the neighbor who informed you of the puppies and thank you for going and rescuing the puppies. Bonya is beautiful like her siblings but she resembles a bear cub. ÔŁĄGreat super save, what a fantastic care and loving for the pups, God bless these rescuers may they reach the highest praise of human endeavour on animals !I love their bathtime! Such well-behaved little angels. They look like sweet fluffy little puff-ball teddy bears! I’ll never understand how anyone can just abandon such beautiful little girls. God bless you for loving them.­č弭čÖĆ­čĺĽUnfortunately, there are a lot of monsters in our world, whoever could dump them is nothing less than a monster. I will never understand why people don’t spay and neuter their animals, to cruel creatures it looks easier to dump poor babies. Thank you for being there for the little puppies, I really hope that Bonya will find her home soon

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