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Epic Cats Hate Falling in Water

I love how each cat’s instinct is to run as far away from the source of the water as quick as possible when they get wet, as if the water is gonna follow them.Fun fact: the reason cats don’t like water is because they don’t like how heavy their fur feels when it’s wet. Some cats don’t mind that feeling though or they get used to it if you bathe them a lot. Another fun fact: tigers like to swim.Black cat: Struggles to make it out of a water containerAlso black cat: Gets out, and then proceeds to jump directly back to where it was trying to go, next to the waterIf humans had the ability to jump high like how the cat is jumping out of the water (and knew how to float) everyone would be doing a bunch of tricks like backflips and front flips 😂My cat came bounding into the bathroom and leapt straight into the toilet because normally the seat is down. He was so surprised. Poor guy. There was a shower incident too but it’s too complicated to type it out 😂Several of our cats didn’t mind being gently put in the pool, especially when it was hot. One of them didn’t appreciate it, and had the last laugh one day. After I made him swim one hot day he jumped onto the seat of my motorcycle, which I had just cleaned, and dripped away while drying himself offThat last cat reminded me of an old loony tunes skit where Yosemite Sam is trying to make bug bunny jump off a diving board and evertime he tries he just ends up in the pool himself classic

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