Cute Mischievous Cute Animals,dog/dogs Dog mama with a broken heart waits for her owner to come back | Dog Rescue Shelter

Dog mama with a broken heart waits for her owner to come back | Dog Rescue Shelter

This man has a heart of gold, if everyone had the same compassion as he does the world would be a much better placeEstou sem palavras ao ver o grande amor desse moço pelos animais abandonados. Com certeza Deus há de recompensá-lo pelo belo trabalho que faz em resgatar a criação Divina. O amor que demonstra aos animais com um beijo. Oro por todos aqueles que fazem o bem aos inocentes que dão mais amor que muitos que se dizem ser humanos. Deus sempre coloca anjos para resgatar Sua criação. Abraço do Brasil e Deus abençoe à vocês.Bravo majstore, lepo je videti ovako nesto i kod nas iako je velika retkost, vremenom smo postali sebicni i zli i nikakvi ljudi. Hvala dobri covece.Those are some awful big pups for such a small mother. I am glad they got saved. Thank you for all you do. Greetings from Montana USAHere I see … the greatness of being a mother: no one beats the mother in her role. Speak of equality! No role, no useless career can ever come close. I see the extreme kindness of a man. May God bless him and give him health and peace. And I see how cruel some people can be. To abandon an animal when that animal has been used to domestic life is cruelty. To abandon her when the great laws of Nature require her to be selfless is cruelty beyond believe.Thank you, earth angel, for rescuing this darling little family. I hate to think of what their fate would have been without you. You are my hero. And thanks to all the other kind souls who helped to search to see if there were any more babies.Thank you so much for saving this poor dog mom and her babies. Blessings to all of you guys and hopefully the dog mom and her babies can have someone to give them a warm and forever home.If there were many people like this kind hearted man who values every life, the earth would have been the definition of heaven. And darn the owner of the dog, I hope this happens to him too, so he will learn

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