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Mama Dog Wouldn’t Stop Smiling After Reunion with Her Stolen Puppies

I’m glad the mama was still alive, she was so scared and completely transformed after being reunited with her babies. Dogs are just too precious for this world.What a beautiful and rare reunion! Alica knew where she had left her puppies. Although she walked away from the former family home to get in the car, she did not want to go. Her joy and her puppies joy when they met again was unmistakable. Thank you to the wonderful people who called you and made the reunion possible. Thank you to everyone whose support of this rescue made the reunion possible.It’s so upsetting to know that they took her knowing she had puppies somewhere based on her appearance and didn’t look for her puppies. I’m so glad that she and the puppies had you looking out for them ❤The way Mama Alica went straight to the bed to feed her babies x what a wonderful caring thing you do to all these beautiful rescues x i pray you are all kept safe xEs que tienes un corazón que vale oro Olena y ese reencuentro de la mamá con sus bebés no puede ser más bonito y las fotos una verdadera preciosidad. Cuídate mucho corazón y ojalá salgan buenos adoptantes para todos ellos❤️Always a pleasure watching your videos. Alica is probably scared thinking you will leave her outside. What a great job you are doing! Just donated a bit more today. We try to spread what we can among a few organizations.What a fantastic update to their story, I hope that Alicia can get rehomed with one of her puppies if at all possible, but its heart warming news none the less. So happy to support you even though you make me cry xD. If anyone else can help these innocents it’s well worth doing <3So precious! I cried at the scene of the reunion. They were so happy to be reunited. It shows us that although they are animals they still have this same feeling like us. Thank you Olena for making this happen for Alica family.

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