Cute Mischievous Cat & Dog,Cute Animals Golden Retriever Reacts to Tiny Kittens in his Bed

Golden Retriever Reacts to Tiny Kittens in his Bed

This might be the best dog tantrum I’ve ever seen. He is SOOOO mad, but he knows it’s not the kittens’ fault and he is so careful not to hurt them!The emotions of that dog are so raw. I just saw like a entire TV show worth of character arc from a dogof course Bailey is adorable in that he’s kind and doesn’t fling the kitties off the bed, but I’m most impressed by how supremely unbothered the kittens are by the borking and even the shuffling of the bed 😆😂I love how at the end the kittens don’t seem scared, just mildly confused by Bailey’s antics, like “why is the giant strange looking cat flopping around and disturbing our nap?”Bailey is the kindest animal in the world, possibly. His energy is reflected in how other animals react to his presence. The kittens don’t even tense, other than to keep their balance when the whole bed shakes. They know they’re in the presence of safety. Bailey seems more anxious than they are. His noises do not sound like “anger”, but mild frustration and anxiety. He DOES want his bed to himself, but hasn’t got the aggression chops to make it stick, and the frisson between the two realities is what makes him express noisy space-claiming. A feint with snapping would send them scattering, without hurting them, but he’s not that guy. Can’t help loving Bailey.The kittens are absolutely unflappable and seem fascinated by him. Once cats find a spot they like, especially one that comfortable and entertaining, it’s effectively theirs.And the kittens looking at Bailey with a totally indifferent air and their nonchalance knowing very well that Bailey is a big heart on 4 legs and that he has no intention of hurting them. it’s really cute as a video to watch.Doggo was trying to shout for their mommy to come collect them, not blaming the kiddos. That’s a good doggo. And the kittens sleeping through almost all of it was so precious. At the end they looked like confused babies.Trying to get his bed back while being gentle with the invaders is so adorable. He’s visibly frustrated. 🤣

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