Cute Mischievous Cat & Dog,Cute Animals Golden Retriever Meets New Baby Kitten for the First Time!

Golden Retriever Meets New Baby Kitten for the First Time!

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I love it when some dogs think not looking at it will make it go away 😂That is so funny! Bailey is such a charater. I love how he averts his gaze; Then, after a while, he looks back, sees the cat and immediately reacts, as if he thought looking away would make it disappear. LOL! Such an awesome dog!I have not laughed so much in days… 😂😂 oh man… I literally had tears in my eyes from laughing so hard 😂🥰🥰 poor Bailey. The kitten must have been like, “Calm down doggo! Chill”Gotta love the way in which Bailey edges away in apprehension at first and then goes to Daddy for comfort and security — afraid of a tiny little baby kitty one-tenth his size!I’m with Bailey on this one- I acted the same way when they brought my little brother home from hospital 30 years ago. Pouted and refused to acknowledge him, as he was a completely unneccessary addition! 😁😆I have been looking at this a multitude of times and I really enjoy how jealous and insecure Bailey becomes, I like when he turns his back and pretend not to see.¡¡¡Muero de amor con Simón!!! ,tan chiquito y ya tenía su personalidad,🐱😍 ni se movió por Bailey.., y Bailey es tan tierno escondiendo su cabeza en el sillón como un chico travieso jaja 🐶😍👍🙋🏻‍♀️Still the funniest video 🤣🤣 . That man has the best patience ever and the way he is so gentle and not pushy towards is just awesome that guy will be a very great dad you can tell . Thanks for the video I love Bailey and the kitty

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