Cute Mischievous Cat/Cats,Cute Animals Here’s what happened when a non-cat guy adopted disabled kitten

Here’s what happened when a non-cat guy adopted disabled kitten

Can we just acknowledge how great Scooter’s dad is? What a compassionate young man. I hope life treats him well – he deserves it.I won’t lie , I’ve watched this so many times ,& each time it’s made me a little teary. How on earth can we be so destructive and selfish , yet be so kind and forgiving . How can we wage war on each other & allow greed to rule out lives , yet give our last penny to someone in distress and spend sleepless lights with a disabled cat It’s such a unimaginable paradox that allows me to have faith in our survival as a species . I only hope that we stop viewing everything on earth as simply a way to make money ,& more of a chance to learn and grow .Scooter is the chance we all pass by in our daily lives . It’s the opportunity we all have to improve someone else’s life , whether an animal , a child or an adult . Unless we begin to be less selfish , there will be so little to celebrate in life . Embrace the chance to do good for everyone and everything , & reject the selfish option of the self obsessed world we seem to be living in .This is heart breaking. Glad this kitty is having a good life because of a person like you. This world needs more people like this. My late father called people like this as salt of the earth. People that make the world better.

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