Cute Mischievous Cat & Dog,Cute Animals Golden Retriever Confused by Meeting a Baby Kitten

Golden Retriever Confused by Meeting a Baby Kitten

Bailey’s so funny—he doesn’t want to even look at the kitten, yet he doesn’t harm a single hair on her fuzzy, little body.I’ve had golden’s most of my life. It’s still suprises me how civilized they are. Not to mention how sweet. I’m sure these 2 will be cuddling up together in a couple of days.That kitten is remarkably calm & collected, despite being around an animal over 100 times larger than itself, & even stepped on (2:18) by Bailey. The kitten even gives the slow blink (1:27) of affection towards Bailey & the dude on the couch.When we were kids and our parents finally bought our own house, we got a kitten who was two weeks old (she had to be fed milk from an eye dropper). After a week she ate normally, but we got a three week old puppy who still could not see. We put the puppy down next to the kitten to see what would happen (he towered over her). She promptly wacked him across the nose. For several days she would attack him from all sides and he couldn’t do anything because he couldn’t see her. One day he opened his eyes and saw the little runt that was constantly attacking him, took her head in his mouth, and set the new boundaries. They became best friends, no, brother and sister, after that. They slept together, and when she was giving birth to kittens he would lie next to her and lick her face. He even helped her bathe the kittens after they were born. When we walked the dog the cat would follow along to protect him, even chasing off other male dogs she considered a threat. But that didn’t stop her from jumping on him as he passed by once in a while from a chair and quickly racing for safety under the couch.It’s hilarious when dogs give you the “stiff paw”; the old “talk to the paw cause I’m not listening”, lol. My sheltie does this, complete with eye rolls when he’s offended. Anyone who says dogs aren’t talkative just doesn’t pay attention. They can all but write you a novel when they are jealous,annoyed, or offended.The way he taps her shoulder and then points at the kitten like, “Get a load of this,” and how she throws her whole body to the side to say something like, “I know! Ridiculous!” 🥰🥰🥰

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