Cute Mischievous Cute Animals,dog/dogs 6 Newborn Puppies and Hopeless Mom Waiting for Someone to Help them

6 Newborn Puppies and Hopeless Mom Waiting for Someone to Help them

This lady is a blessing to all these four legged furry friends 🐶💗 thank you for helping them. There’s still humanity left in this world. She’s a living example of this.Nature produces such beautiful animals. The mother is stunning and a good mother. Thank you for saving them xxxI love your videos. They’re so awesome. I get teary-eyed when I watch these. You guys are so good with these babies and these animals. I think everybody should take your rescue has an example of how a rescue should be. These puppies are adorable and the mother is so attentive to our children. Thank you for taking in these babies and giving them a chance at life.Awww 🥰 what a wonderful caring mother she is!!! ❤️So great that lady made a temporary home for the doggie family with carpet n shadow n called you so soon 👏 thank you so much for the wonderful soul you are ❤️🍀🙏So great to see nursing mothers cared for well! All nursing mothers, regardless of species, deserve to be protected and cared for well!!!At the end of the video after Mother dog had a big meal and wonderful bed, she seemed so relieved and at peace at last. Until then, it must have been so frightening for her to survive and protect her babies. Once she was safe, she seem to happy and at peace. I am sure she slept very well that night with a full belly and her babies in a safe home with a human who took care of them. She is a beautiful mother dog. I hope she and her puppies find loving forever homes when the time is right. Meanwhile, thank you for rescuing them.

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