Cute Mischievous Cute Animals,dog/dogs The Dog Looked into the Storm Drain Every Day, and when it was Opened – PEOPLE were Shocked!

The Dog Looked into the Storm Drain Every Day, and when it was Opened – PEOPLE were Shocked!

I thought it would be his pup or another dog in the drain but to hear it were kittens and how a stray dog showed love to a species that is not even his own is soo touching.. why can’t humans have this level of compassion.It’s lovely how different animals can care for each other, even the ones that need help.This dog was a hero to tell his owners that the kittens needed rescuing!This dog is more humane than any of us could be, no matter the species, he still cared for the kittens even when they are 2 different species, and was if he was a human, he would’ve had a great family.Beautiful story. Amazing souls full of kindness in Annie and Benny. Too bad more are not like them. Imagine a world where something like this wasn’t incredibly rare.Kudos to the stray dog and his new owner in saving the kittens. Such A blessing for all the fur babies to have a caring and loving lady to call home for now.This blew my mind, IF it wasnt for that woman coming back every day, I don’t think those baby kittens would’ve had a chance. But I thank that woman for what she did, and I also am amazed at how well u told this story, u DEFINITELY get my like and sub. Great job man, this world needs ppl like u to share others stories. Seriously, u did something meaningful for animal lovers that most people wouldn’t even think twice about. Thank you for this story and also thank you for that spoiler notice as well, I waited til the end of the video to read and comment. Again, AMAZING JOB.I’ve always had cats, dogs, birds, etc while growing up. I could never imagine not having one a animal companion in my life. They are loyal, and very intuitive. This dog was very compassionate, caring for the kittens that were not even his offspring like I originally thought. To the woman, you are to be saluted for your compassion by first of all providing the dog with a means to survive Secondly, for being attentive and caring enough to find out what the dogs motive was for not eating the meals he received, as soon as he got them. I have fed many of strays, and one thing for sure is that unless there is a threat that the food may be eaten by some animal that is in close proximity to the food, there going to eat it right then and there. Ma’am I applaud you!I worked at a zoo for 30 years and they changed me. Don’t ever underestimate animals. Awesome story.

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