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Bernese Mountain Dog Confused by First Seeing Puppies

Awesome seeing Teddy with the Five beautiful puppies 🐶 how adorable. Teddy so adorable even trying play with the Blue Ball with themCuteness overload. . Teddy’s just liking around at the tiny puppies 🐶😘💙💞❣️💕😋What a gentle dog, and boy was it adorable on his part when he attempted to play ball with the pups. What a wholesome moment.Indeed, Teddy is saying, “What am I suppose to do with these?” LOL 😊 So gentle…thanks for sharing…Bruce and OtisIf I had the space, I’d take and love them ALL. they’d have so much love and affection…that’s how much I LOVE doggies. Mutual unconditional love. I need a farm, I really love ALL animals. More than people sometimes lolJust like Bailey, Teddy is very much a gentle giant. I also wonder what his thought process was:”Wait….These little wiggly things are puppers???? Guess I’d better move back. Don’t want to step on them with my huge doggo paws.”(bats ball toward puppies) “Ummmm, you puppers wanna play with ball? I like playing with ball!!”Puppies: “No thanks, big fluffy doggo. We like to explore, or maybe nap.”Teddy: “Well, the bed’s too smol for me to explore, but nap sounds like a good idea!”

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