Cute Mischievous Cat & Dog,Cute Animals Tiny Kitten and German Shepherd Puppy

Tiny Kitten and German Shepherd Puppy

It squeaks and it’s so soft.. 😌.. I’ll keep and take care of my tiny new friend ☺️💕. Such an adorable twosome. ❤️Rocky is a handsome boy who rocks with his tremendous kindness around little 😸 you are so sweet. Stay blessed always 🙌🏽Rocky is a sweet puppy because he is a little brother of a special Bailey! Baily teaches Rocky all the great things 🙂 !Crescendo di controlla sempre piu, la mia amata jessie! Mentre Mia è sempre più goffa e poco delicata nell’interagire con i gatti, Jessie sta diventando un vero pastore tedesco! 💖❤I literally have the same cat.. she use to look like this exactly the same when she was kitten.A puppy and a kitten, both, at the beginning of this wonderful journey called life, are already best friends. So sweet!I think, Jessy ist a bit confused about the tiny kitten, like Rocky was in former days. It’s just about the breed, I think. GSDs are not raised to be gentle to animals like cats or rabbits. But I think, they can be taught to behave well to these animals. Jessy ist still learning to behave in the right way. Nothing bad, but more than good. It’s gonna be fine. 😁😁Just a little advice. I once had a dog that was like that around our kitten. When I was away doing other stuff, my dad caught them playing tag. The tragic part is that the dog slipped, crashed into the kitten, when tumbling with her, panicked, and killed her in one bite. Just be careful with those two. Accidents like those are easy with such a power imbalance and irreversible.Ese video presuntamente es antiguo, si en aproximadamente navidades la sacaron a la calle y ya estaba prácticamente de tamaño grande tanto Jessie como Mia antes de la misma navidades en diferentes lugares en un playa. Tienen almacenados videos antiguos y los ponen presuntamente, que estén bien o no es otra cosa….

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