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We Went to Rescue Newborn Puppies But Never Expected This | Howl Of A Dog Rescue

I am from Romania and I know that this kind of things are happening here. I saved 14 puppies and 20 kittens and I’m only 12. I’m not going to stop.🐕🐈Edit: Hello! Im curently 5 months away from being 15! A lot of things have happened, and yes i continued to rescue animals whenever i could. I even adopted 2 kittens myself! Thank you everyone for your kind coments !These little guys had such a rough start. Thank God they were discovered before it was too late! I’m eternally grateful to people who find, save, foster and give animals like this a forever home where they’re loved and cared for! You have my respect and gratitude.Ugh thank god for you guys! Idk who would’ve thrown a bag FULL OF PUPPIES in the grass especially when their just little tiny babies. Just know guys that im 10 years old and is a complete animal lover no matter what animal it is. And also anyone that isn’t an animal lover, and someone in your family that may have passed away and they have an animal and you were left to take care of it, please, animals are living things. Put them up for adoption if you don’t want them. I appreciate the people that took time to read this comment. (although that would probably be only a couple people) Thanks! And never be cruel to animals no matter what it isThis actually has me sobbing. The fact someone is perfectly okay with leaving such innocent and utterly defenseless beings alone to die breaks my heart and soul.Extremely sad but great rescue. Heartbroken to hear four of the puppies death. But, the remaining three grew up to be healthy and beautiful dogs. They deserve loving homes that will never let them down.Who would ever do this? This made me cry and now I’m really pissed at who did this.. how could they? These animals are just like us and for someone to do this to these wonderful creatures makes me hate people… people that do this, you can’t just do this…. you can’t! It’s unfair and makes me want to hug all of them and care for them…. thank you guys so much for saving them, people like you are the people that make the human species look better, thank god there are people like you, and to the 4 that passed away, I hope you can reincarnate into something beautiful and live a wonderful life.When I grow up I want to be like you ❤ I’ve wanted to save animals my whole life 🐶🦄🐰🐮🐹🐷🐼🐻🦊🐵 What you did for those puppies was incredible 😍 Whoever did that to them should go to jail and stay there for a long long time 😡 thanks for being so inspiring ~10 year old Tia ❤These furbabies are absolutely gorgeous and beautiful sweeties 😍 I’m happy these puppies were found and nursed back to health 🙂 I hope they find a loving home that they deserve 🏠 I would give these puppies lots and lots of cuddles 🤗 and lots and lots of kisses 💋 Love these furbabies loads ❤ Rest in peace to the four gorgeous and beautiful puppies that didn’t survive 😭

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