Cute Mischievous Cat/Cats,Cute Animals Monkey Finds Stray Kitten And Cuddles Him Like It’s Her Own Baby

Monkey Finds Stray Kitten And Cuddles Him Like It’s Her Own Baby

It’s evident that the Zoo personal are aware of the kitten being there and wouldn’t want anything to harm him.Right now all the kitten knows love and food is good, and he has a mother who will fight to the death to protect him. 🐈💖🐒It’s actually not as heart warming as people think it is, some male monkeys kidnap puppies or kittens while they couldn’t really take care of or even feed them. The kitten or puppy then just starve to death. 😓it’s not like they’re letting this happen forever..after this news and photo get posted everywhere, the rescuer come and take the kitten..This cat doesn’t look in very good condition, nor happy if I can say so. I think he is free to walk away from the monkeys if he wishes, but in Indonesia nobody cares for cats and won’t even feed them. I just hope he won’t come to any harm, but you can all forget about someone there rescuing him. Cats are very abandoned & neglected. They die of starvation in the streets. No one takes pity on them. When they die, they just get chucked onto the rubbish pile. They don’t feel any love towards any animal over there. In Bali too, so many cats run around looking for food & water. NoThe cat seems afraid with the monkeys its just he could’nt do nothing to scape, he should be taken out to the hands of the monkeys and be sheltered to a foster home.

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