Cute Mischievous Cat & Dog,Cute Animals German Shepherd Reacts to Tiny Kittens

German Shepherd Reacts to Tiny Kittens

Rocky’s facial expression when he observes the tiny fluffies in front of him, just irresistible🥰 He tries to keep them close together. A caring and lovely shepherd👍🐾❤The dog is doing what the mommy cat would do to the kittens 🙂 Cleaning them, moving them for sleep, getting a smell of the kittens to mark them, just what the mommy would do 🙂 Funny how animals do take care of any babies.It’s hard to choose which of the kittens and rocky is the sweetest!! Man … Rocky is as big as lovely, I want to grab him in my arms so much!!!This is priceless.Those babies and that doggo just made my heart swell. I love both of these creatures equally.They are the best companions humans could ever have. If I could have a million of each I would. IF I make it to heaven I hope there are kitties and doggos living there.I think your red fluff is going to be Rocky’s best friend ❤️😊. She’s the most courageous (and curious) of the pack 🥰 (!) and I observed in your other videos as well, that she’s always approaching him and trying to climb on his paws 🥰 . They are both so precious ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️Toda una estampa y estética, Rocky …. definición de German Shepherd. Lo amo mucho. Todo dicho.Quiero que Rocky sea feliz y por supuesto Jessie y todos sus hermanitos de alma y sus padres humanos.Rocky God bless you for watching whose baby kittens and watching over them and making sure they don’t fall off the bed and hurts himself you are a great father figure to those precious angels God bless you and the babies I love all of you so muchIt’s so interesting how a male dog behaves just like a female in this situation. He immediately starts grooming them (licking their butts to help urination etc) and starts concerning himself with their movement and number, like he’s taking inventory and notes on his little bunch of babies. He’s a true shepherd in nature. He knows he can’t possibly nurse them as in feed them, but he’s willing to look after them until someone will. If any other large animal had entered the room he’d be protective of them after only these minutes, unless he could smell it was a lactating mother animal. GOOD BOI ❤️

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