Cute Mischievous Cat & Dog,Cute Animals CATS vs DOGS! Love and hate! Compilation of funny cats and dogs for a good mood! 不

CATS vs DOGS! Love and hate! Compilation of funny cats and dogs for a good mood! 不

Just too funny. Just goes to show you….dogs and cats in one room together just doesn’t end well. Lol!!Best video I have seen in a while! Love the German Shepherd and the gray cat. He scared the crap out of that dog!It’s a kind of defense mechanism. Cats are so much smaller than most dogs so they try to act big and tough, the best defense is a good offense! What is so funny is how the dogs react. They tend to be calm, well behaved dogs and get confused at first when the tiny cat attacks them. They get this look of disbelief on their faces then they Yelp and run away so funny!My best friends are cats. Which is so good, fun and mischievous. But keep in mind that they can sometimes attack. But it’s just an instinct.I’ve had dogs all my life can honestly say not one of those cats would have survived, good luck to you good people that can mix themOne day that german shepherd will definitely end up hurting his neighbour cat or some stray cat. He is definitely building some anger towards his owner and cat because he knows his owner is a cat’s lover.I never saw a dog frightening a cat. Dogs are docile domesticated animals but domesticated cats are ferociousThe reason that cats and dogs fight is a mis understanding of intentions. As we can see when they know each other they complement their physical differences and have fun together!

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