Cute Mischievous Cat & Dog,Cute Animals German Shepherd Puppy Reacts to Baby Kittens

German Shepherd Puppy Reacts to Baby Kittens

German shepherds have so much energy but you can see jessie trying to contain her energy around these delicate kittiesIt’s fascinating that the puppy’s first reaction is to sniff and then groom them! If that’s a girl German Shepard, she’s got amazingly strong maternal instincts! And it’s great that the puppy seems so very willing to consider the kittens as ‘part of the family’! P.S. – of course the kittens are so cute, but the puppy is so good-looking, too!How breathtaking watching Jessica and tiny kitten’s. The expression on Jessica’s face is priceless watching her with the little one’s.Puppy Jessica is STUNNING! She must be wondering who are these precious, squirming fluffy non-canine creatures, yet she treats them with care! Her behavior speaks volumes! 💕😻🐶😇Jessie is adorable. I’m sure she’ll learn quickly that she needs to be gentle and careful with the kittens. Just like her big lovable brothers Bailey, Rocky and Teddy. I trust you 👍❤🐾❤Oh Good Gosh, I am in total cuteness overload!!! That has to be the most adorable puppy I have seen in ages!! Look at the size of the paws!! And those ears and that tongue!!! LololMuero con estos videos!!!! Son para el infarto!! Llenos de tanta ternura que olvido de todas mis penas y angustias. Puedo verlo 1000 veces y mil mas!! 🇦🇷👋😻I noticed when she licks the kittens they turn toward her. They really respond to that. Even this puppy has the instinct to be gentle with babiesNo me canso de mirar éste video. Mucho amor y dedicación de los dueños de éstos ángeles. No cualquiera tiene voluntad y amor para hacerlo. Veo tantas mascotas maltratadas y sin amor!.Éste es un hogar de amor, sólo mirar a sus mascotas “hijitos” para darse cuenta con cuanto amor y dedicación los están criando.Un ejemplo . En el mundo tendría que haber más gente así y no habría tanto abandono en las calles y también dentro de una casa, hay mascotas tristes que ni siquiera reciben caricias de sus dueños.A los papis de Jessie, Rocky, Teddy, Bailey, Mía, Dora, Simón, etc. Los felicito y millones de Bendiciones por darles tanto amor y tiempo.The white one already has the eyes open — it is more curious and active than the others – so it gets the most licks. So CUTE! In a few months that pupster is going to be getting swatted constantly haha. She looks like she will enjoy her furball friends.What a floppy eared German Shepherd puppy who is adorable and so precious. So easy with these kittens 🐱 in their interactions and grooming them. 🐾🐾🐾🐾😊😊😊😊❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️Just when you thought YouTube couldn’t pack one more inch of cuteness in the frame, along comes this video!

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