Cute Mischievous Cat/Cats Funny Cat Reaction to Puppies [Kitty sees them for the First Time]

Funny Cat Reaction to Puppies [Kitty sees them for the First Time]

I love the character development in this video. The cat goes from “I just wanna be left alone” to simply lying down and resigning to its fate cuz the puppies are too high energy for it 😂It will never cease to amaze me how much patience animals can bring up when it comes to minors from other species.Too cute. The personality of that one puppy is a whole mood. The adult cat has had enough but demonstrated patience while hissing at times. The puppy is very inquisitive and exploring his id her immediate surrounding irregardless of anything else. Cute little wagging tail. The other puppy is just chilling.The puppy’s tail wagging so energetically! Puppies seem to be born with a default setting of curiosity, trust, and pure joyful life! Poor kitty is annoyed but seems prepared to endure them….to a point,at least. 😄 What a sweet video! ❤️So cute, the tail on the tiny Pup was like a wind up 🥰 The Kitty looked worn out at the end, accepting her new housemates ❣️😊 She would ultimately square this up with her Mom later 👿😅I never thought of puppies as threatening before. But, I guess when they gang up on you, you’re inevitably defeated. Edit: Also, I love it when cats have those color eyes. I call them space cats, because it’s the same color as peridot, which is a gem commonly found in meteorites.I just love the look the puppy has has, “fluffer play with me. You are fluffy so you must play.” By the end of the video “fluffer you are getting the hang of play I think”🐶Ha ha ha! I’m not a cat person by any stretch. But that cat laying down for the pup’s pinfall attempt made me smile. Pup forgot to hook the leg.Okay i have to be honest my respect for cats have gone up by seeing this, am happy the cat knows how fragile the puppies are and even lays down and accepts the puppies. This was great!It’s instinct tells the cat these are babies and she overcomes her apprehension, beautiful! If you like puppies, I made a short called ’50 puppies in 2 minutes’. I filmed every puppy I met on the street in one year 🙂What a patient cat. A couple of times the cat tried to lie down near the sleeping pups, but one would always come to try and play, which I don’t think the cat was in the mood for. But, as many others have already pointed out, the cat eventually accepts their fate and gives in to the pups. It’s the only way to be near them.The cat realised that in 3 short years he would be at the mercy of these beasts and thus played a tactical hand of rolling over and accepting his fate early on…I love that the cat is gentle with them, barely even hissing, just trying to get away rather than attack them because the cat knew they were little ones.

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