Cute Mischievous Cat/Cats,Cute Animals The cat mom’s job is to keep the kitten clean

The cat mom’s job is to keep the kitten clean

The way she puts her paw on him like: “Would you just hold still?? Hold still! You’re getting a bath whether you want 1 or not! I’d finish faster if you would just hold still!” 😆😆Aww, I was so heartbroken seeing how ginger was rejected but I see that Mama has taken her under her wings. So heartwarming 💖The little ginger kitten is such a ‘pawful’ even for the most patient of mothers. Johanna is amazing. Ginger kitten has so much energy now that she is fed and loved by her adopted family 😍🥰💞I just love how the mother cat ended up adopting the little ginger cat as if it was her own cat. It’s so precious.Those babies are so cute, I love when they tumble and roll around and mommy is trying to keep that frisky one clean. So beautifulI’m so happy to see that the mother cat has decided to accept the little ginger kitten and is no longer rejecting him (although he’s evidently turning into a bit of a firecracker now that he’s no longer sad and lonely)! 😺💕Was für eine geduldige und verständnisvolle Katzenmama. Ihr Katzenkind wie spielen und ist total zappelig.Und obwohl sie soviele Bunny-Kicks abbekommt und auch im Gesicht, macht sie ihre Reinigungs-Erziehung behaarlich weiter. Tolle Katzenmama. 😺❤Its heartening to see the bond developed between Joanna and cute little Ginger 😍😍 Ginger’s few back kicks with his paws into Joanna’s eyes didn’t deter her from giving him a nice clean-up. 😍Oh my God, that adorable silly playful Ginger 😅, with so much energy and so relaxed now when he’s accepted by this gorgeous, nice and patient mom Joanna 🤗🥰💝. I’m so happy that I had chance to see this amount of love, thank you guys for uploading this special video ❣

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