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My Dogs Fall In Love With Our Baby | The Full Story

I love how Haru cares for Sienna. I really love reading the commentary between the doggies while watching, it’s so funny 不I love this channel! As a dog owner myself, I have always been fascinated by your coverage of Griffin and Haru. They are adorable and you two are such a lovely couple. I really appreciate your willingness to share your life with your dogs with the rest of us! Now that Sienna is here, I appreciate it even more! I congratulate you both on the arrival of your precious little daughter and I look forward to seeing videos of Sienna reacting to Griffin and Haru whenever you have time to upload them. The love you both have for your dogs and now, Sienna, is so very touching! Sienna is a gorgeous little girl. She already has a beautiful smile and the prettiest thickest hair!It’s amazing how dogs know instinctively that babies are new members of the pack. And Haru knew long before Sienna was born that there was a baby in there! She’s also on full-time protection duty!One of the best thing about dude is that henever takens credit for himself when hearchives some thing. He always respect usthe audience and his team, and he is polite inall his video.We congratulations ourselves onfor this achievement. more to come andeverything to come we are always with you弘弘弘弘弘I absolutely adore how much Haru especially loves Miss Sienna. It’s so touch how she doesn’t leave her side and I bet Sienna is loving having such amazing potato protectors around. What a lucky little girl and lucky doggos to have such great parents.Dogs have such an amazing sense of smell. I read today they can smell a teaspoon of sugar in an Olympic swimming pool. That is so amazing compared to us. I bet they could sense that Mom smelled different. I met a woman who had a tiny dog in her purse that signaled when her blood sugar was off. Life saving!I watch every few days for a new video of your beautiful child and these two delightful dogs! In our current, very chaotic world, it is a refreshing break to share moments with your sweet family. Keep those videos coming. I am enjoying seeing Sienna grow up, and I live in Texas, half way around the world from South Korea. As a grandmother, it is so much fun for me to watch. Thank you for all the cute and sweet videos, and especially the funny ones!

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