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The Most Dangerous Kitten Attacks Again

Don’t let this kitten’s cuteness fool you! She’s a wanted criminal in most countries for using her cuteness to get away with tax evasion, theft and even murder! In all seriousness, thank you so much for all that you do to save and help these precious babies. You two are shining lights in a world of darkness.😺 That is one very smart kitten. Has learned how to train its humans to respond, cuddle and pet. Then it rewards with purrs and head butts, plus love. Wonderful save for our world.❤️😽🥰❤️This little gal fills me with joy & laughter. The way she hops around & attacks is uniquely her own and totally beyond adorable. Please keep these precious videos coming! Thank you so much!OMG, sooo vicious! How on earth will you find a home for this terrible . . . gorgeous, adorable little fluffball, heh, heh. Love the tiger’s growl … nice touch. Ok, I’m hooked … I’m subbed✨Thanks for the great videos & all that you do for all the precious little fur babies you save 🐱🐯🐕Hugs to a lovely lady, L’liz🌿Such a lovely and curious, playful kitten! I am so glad she is presently owned by a loving family and she gets both attention and proper care from you. Thank you.Are you guys okay? I hope the earthquakes haven’t effected you and your rescues. Prayers for all the people and animals trapped still 💔That’s so darn cute watching her sidle sideways in her attack with her fluff on end, and tail at attention 😂 Cats in general are fun to watch play, but kittens are just to cute & funny. She’s a little sweetie. 🥰😂😂😂Quel « dangereux » et joli petit chaton plein de vie et qui attaque frontalement son « sosie »🙃Un petit félin qui sait aussi demander un câlin et ronronner de plaisir😻Un chaton attendrissant. Quelle douce et belle vidéo. MERCI❣️…🥀🇫🇷the cute part is that she’s doing to you what she would do to a cat she liked, biting and clawing without doing real damage. It means she accepts you as a family member.LOL, it’s good you guys have so much experience and are ‘trained’ so well to deal safely with such dangerous wild animals! ;)You really do have a way with animals, thank you for using your ‘super powers’ for the good of all abandoned/in need animals you find!

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