Cute Mischievous Cat/Cats,Cute Animals Ginger kitten’s first meeting with the cat🐈 Will she feed him or not?

Ginger kitten’s first meeting with the cat🐈 Will she feed him or not?

It’s fascinating to see how differently they are reacting to the little intruder. Two were openly hostile, while the third one seemed just curious.This broke my heart. Just seeing him not being accepted by the mom cat or the sibling and seeing him shaking with fear has me in tears. You can literally see the hurt in his face.This was a little painful to watch, but knowing Joanna’s maternal instincts took over finally…. she probably smelled the other mom cat. Sweet orange boy just needed love❣🐾🐾I hope that little orange kitten has a nice and loving owner like it deserves 🙏🙏🙏 I’ve been blessed to have 2 ginger cats In my life and they have both been incredibly loving cuddly teddy bears with amazing and unique personalities!!! Stay strong little guy You have stronger nerves than me. That was heartwrenching to even watch. I know Mama will accept in time but little Ginger looks so lost and sad.Aww that’s so sad he’s even in that position that says “I’m alone and scared and hungry too. I want to curl up with the other kittens for warmth but they’ve abandoned me.”I’ve never had an issue with a mom cat in my possession taking a kitten that wasn’t hers. It’s lovely and they raise it like their own. Brings heart warming tears to my eyes. So surreal Don’t worry too much, guys. When I was giving away my cat’s kittens, one of them went to my then-girlfriend, now wife. She had an older tom cat who was reacting similarly to the baby girl. I thought that I’d have to come back the next day to take her home, but before that happened, the Missus wrote to me saying that when the kitten was asleep, her older cat walked into the room, sniffed her, began licking her, and they’ve been inseparable ever since 🙂 So you never know how this can all work out, especially after they’ve been given space together.

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