Cute Mischievous Cat/Cats,Cute Animals Cute Black Kitten 😻 Transformation Into Panther 🐾

Cute Black Kitten 😻 Transformation Into Panther 🐾

I rescued a 4 week old kitten in July 2021, literally, trying to cross a highway in a panic. He was hopping more like a baby bunny rabbit. He’s jet black just like the kitten in your video. He’s coming along great and is adorable. Gets along great with my 60lb Shepard Mix like they where born together. He’ll box the dogs nose open pawed, it’s hilarious. Glad I stopped and helped.The wife and I adopted a cute little panther princess 15 years ago, just a few weeks before Halloween. She’s a special baby and has the sweetest disposition to this day!This made me wistful for the days when my panther, Inky, was just a baby. He’s 14 now. Black cats are the absolute sweetest and most lovable creatures. Inky’s my everything!I rescued a kitten exactly like this one. He grew up and was my buddy his whole life. Turns out he had feline AIDS and I couldn’t bear to let him suffer when he started showing symptoms. He made it to 13 years and I buried him in the back yard. I miss him, but I put that energy into making sure other ferals have a safe place to live in my back yards. It’s fenced in and they come and go.My first rescue was a jet-black kitten, and I named her Kia, be we found her under the hood of my mom’s Optimus lol. They are def sweet and loving and NOT bad luck. Kia has brought me nothing but love and happiness.I had a panther too! She was found alone in a car park attempting to hide herself behind someone’s wheel. I adopted her when she was a wee thing and she lived to 16 y/o. When I took her to the clinic for her first meet, I discovered she was a Bombay. Likely purebred. An absolutely fantastic looking mini- panther. She was stunning and aloof. Everything was on her terms, and sometimes she would be cat shacked up in my wardrobe for days on end, just having her way with my winter things. Then she’d reappear on her favorite chair, staring down her cat brother and sister dog and looking upon all ofus with contempt and a measured defiance. Then, at some unexpected moment, on hiatus from her usual tradecraft, she’d arrive on my belly or in the crook of my arm, and want cuddles. She didn’t solicit much and she was rarely concillatory if you disrupted her MO. I suspect we shared many qualities, and I feel like in every way that matters, we were equals. Her name was Garbo ❤

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