Cute Mischievous Cat/Cats,Cute Animals Attacked By The Most Dangerous Kitten While Preparing A Dinner

Attacked By The Most Dangerous Kitten While Preparing A Dinner

I’m amazed you were able to survive such a dangerous attack, let alone get it on film. You, m’lady, are a brave woman. 😉What a darling! Apparently this little tiger is sure that you are his mom and he wants your attention so much, wants to stay close to you all the time. Anything for your warmth and loving caress. Adorsble kitty.Such an adorable kitty. I so miss when my cat was that tiny. She’s 8 now and to this day. She gets up on my shoulder when I get home. Kittens are just so lovely when they’re babies. 😺I loved the strategic attack on the slipper! They have such amazing instinct to hunt without the need to be taught by a sibling or parent. It never gets old to watchThis is why I now adopt adult cats!! 😂 They’re less frisky (and also need homes!) You, Ma’am, are so patient!! I know those sharp claws can hurt! Look what you’re suffering so that little sweetie can have a good childhood! Thanks for sharing this!🥰This is the cutest attack video I’ve ever seen. What a crazy kitty who ends up practically falling asleep on her shoulderGoodness gracious, Dessy! How were you able to stand your ground in the face of this withering assault from the ferocious Bulgarian House Tiger? I would’ve died from the cuteness!😊 When she was on your shoulder looking down at what you were making – I was waiting for her to suddenly jump and land right in the middle of it all ! Might have spoilt dinner a little – but looks like she would have had a nice soft (if maybe sticky) landing ! I applaud your focus on preparing the meal in the face of such relentless onslaught of cuteness. I couldn’t have done that – I would have surrendered and starved. 😄 ❤Reminds me of our little wobbly kitten Delhi. He was always so loud and insisted on always being perched on your shoulder, or swaddled like a baby, or something of that nature. I actually had to come up with a way to carry him with hands free and realized that he loved the backpack method, similar to some old baby carriers. I took a convertible beach towel bag, mushed the towel down, stuck him in it with his head poking out the top, synched the top and put it on like a backpack. He realized what the deal was and would fall right to sleep, purring the whole time. 😹😻 Enjoy his being young while you can. You will miss it when it’s gone. 🥰


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