Cute Mischievous Cute Animals,dog/dogs Golden Retriever Meets New German Shepherd Puppy for the First Time!

Golden Retriever Meets New German Shepherd Puppy for the First Time!

They’re both so cute but that puppy’s one ear up and one down like a permanent wave is off the charts adorable!! 🥰🐶That’s so cute. Seeing Rocky when he was a puppy and how Bailey was introduced to him was funny. Rocky looks just like my first dog when she was a puppy. Had more than 10 years with her before she passed. Please bring more of Bailey and Rocky. Thanks.The Golden Retriever has accepted his new friend with love from the start. Adopting the pup as if it was its own. Tails wagging with playfulness and affection. Just be sure to give them the same amount of love and attention.It’s funny how Bailey was so distant from Simon upon first meeting. A little less so with the Bengal, and so forward with a new puppy. Now – a year later, they’re all best buds.Baily, more than once, singled the bow posture to play.Little one was too stressed to participate… he was whimpering for a good portion of the vid, bless.As a first meet up, I think it went well. Plan to check later vids to see how they get on. Feel sure things improve greatly. 😊😂 it’s so cute and funny when every time the german shepherd tries to get affection the golden retriever just jumps and they both get scared and jumpI really love Bailey!So many emotions.Bailey has such cute expressions.I still can’t get over the video where Bailey wouldn’t let the German Shepherd play with her big teddy bear.Vailey is a cute character.

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