Cute Mischievous Cat & Dog Bernese Mountain Dog Meets Newborn Kittens with Mom for the First Time

Bernese Mountain Dog Meets Newborn Kittens with Mom for the First Time

I’ve owned Bernese Mountain Dogs since 1987 and I have seen them all react like this. They are incredibly gentle, especially so with other animals and children.Dora is bit stressed and tries to protect her babies. But there’s no danger. Teddy is as always so gentle and nice. He only wants to look and sniff. Love you, Teddy ❤Teddy is very patient. Momma looks nervous hopefully the momma and babies are resting. Love your videos….❤️👍🙏Teddy has grown into the most magnificent dog. Mother cat is on high alert, but Teddy is very gentle. She has quite a handful with her tiny kittens, but protects them with her whole body. So sweet. 😀😃😃Que bonitoooo Teddy y que grande es, como quiere a la mami gatita, aunque ella está en alerta , y los gatitos como van creciendo, todos preciosooos, me encantan 🐶🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱❤❤❤❤❤Teddy is a wonderful boy, like “gentle-ben”, the bear… ♥️🐻. Dora is such a wonderfully loving and protective mother cat (technically still a kitten herself)… 🥲♥️🐈 She is clearly uncomfortable during this encounter, as she once again is trying her best to cover her newborn kittens with her own body!!! 😥🐈💔 When little white/orange explorer kitten began to move away, she meowed for help and held him back as best she could!!! 😥🐈💔 Dora and her newborn kittens deserve so much better, she should have been provided a quiet nesting area where she could feel completely protected, and solely focus on nursing and caring for her newborns, as well as dare to get some much needed sleep herself!!! 🤨🧐😤I have genuinely come to love and care about you two very dear people, your entire animal family, and this special community of animal-loving people… 🥲🐾♥️. I cannot in good conscious continue to follow, as I have too much love, concern and respect for cats – ( mother cats and newborn kittens in particular), to continue!! 😥🐈♥️ I wish everyone the best, with God’s most special blessings!!! ♥️🕊️🙏 – Ann

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