Cute Mischievous Cat & Dog German Shepherd Shocked by Tiny Kittens occupying dog bed!

German Shepherd Shocked by Tiny Kittens occupying dog bed!

Every step is a calculated maneuver, all kitten’s locations are mentally accounted for before a single paw moves. This dog has perfect parental skill and clearly loves his little kittens. The definition of goodest boy.It’s an interesting study on how a family dog sorts through a heterachy of competing values: On the one hand, he loves and is habituated to lie in his own bed. On the other, he is a faithful member of his pack and instinctively recognizes his role as protector of the pack’s most vulnerable members. In laudable fashion, he chooses the higher value of protection. Good dog!He’s so gentle and patient. When my sister had my niece we were worried how the GS would be but he is SO protective of her, tolerant of her and playful, even though he’s a big boiii. Very loyal dogs, very family-oriented and loves pats just as much as any other dog. Love you Tyson!The kiss by the German shepherd to one of the kittens in the end after memorizing their scents is adorable. Also, how the kittens thinks he is there to babysit and play with them.The little kitten at the end stood up without no fear and tried to scratch the dogs nose still staring right into the eyes,is going to grow up brave, protecting and very faithful to the owner.This is such a cute video….💜He seems to immediately understand that these tiny things need protecting and watching over. I can tell he takes the responsibility seriously, in true Shepherd fashion.

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