Cute Mischievous dog/dogs Bernese Mountain Dog Meets Puppies for the First Time

Bernese Mountain Dog Meets Puppies for the First Time

Totally adorable, such a gentle big boy, and such lovely bold inquisitive puppies. How can anyone give this video a dislike unless accidentally?The Mountain Dog sure was a lot more chill than the Golden meeting the pups. Completely different personalities. Very cute!Teddy is like a huge gentleman coming upon sweet adorable puppies that touches every one’s hearts. He is observing their every move. This is so precious.💋💞🐾♥️Teddy has always been gentle….We haven’t had much opportunities to see his loving side as his siblings are more with the cameras. Bernese mountain dog 🐕 ❤ is a loving teddy bear.Towards the end of the video (2.12), there was one puppy in particular that was walking, and all of a sudden just plopped down on his stomach. LOL I would keep all of the little darlings. 💛Teddy truly Bailey ‘s brother….he knows how to deal with small cute 😍 💖 puppies….stay blessed always with your mom and daddyThe little puppies are getting And you can see how much love they are getting from the family They will be so adjusted to their new family who will continue with the loveThey are very confident now Who ever gets these puppies Will be very blessed May God bless the family of these beautiful animalsTeddy:”mom n dad told me to be gentle to those puppies( but Teddy’s obey is beyond than that,he gentle to their toys too look at Teddy paw in slow motion move😂,love Teddy very much he is truly a sweet gentle giant💛🐾💛

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