Cute Mischievous Cat & Dog Golden Retriever Attacked by Funny Tiny Kittens

Golden Retriever Attacked by Funny Tiny Kittens

That look on Bailey’s face at the end says, “Somebody please help me!”The kittens are so sweet, and they are really growing fast. ❤❤❤Peace is there. There is peace. No harm. No threatening. No fear. No fight. No attack. Bailey, please share your pouring rain of love to those who do not want to, and / or can’t share even its drop to others and let them feel how calm and peaceful it is.Esses gatinhos “pintam e bordam” com o nosso adorável Mr Bailey, uma alma nobre e generosa! São maravilhosos! Que índole fantástica! 😍😎💖🤗2Bailey is a big chew toy these beautiful kittens plus they are honing their grooming and playing skills on him and I love how patient, laid back and so sweet with these precious kittens.Cheeky, cute kitties 😻They love to play and attack each other and unfortunately their nice babysitter too 😼 I’m always amazed about Bailey’s patience and gentleness 🐾❤🥰

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