Tiny Kitten Reacts to a Big Dog

Across species, animals know “This is a baby” and will adjust their behavior. It’s beautiful and touching to watch, thanks ­čśŐ for posting this.When the kitten looked up at Teddy and raised her/his paw like it wanted to climb him…”.Climb Every Mountain” from The Sound Of Music immediately came to mind! This adorable kitty has their own living, breathing mountain to scale whenever it wants. {With built in grappling hooks!}This was too darn precious. Teddy was remarkable. What do you do to create such gentle giants? Bailey, Rocky and Teddy!How beautiful seeing Teddy again havenÔÇÖt seen him in a while and with the tiny tiny kitten ­čÉ▒. Expression on TeddyÔÇÖs face and tiny kitten was priceless watching them both. Give Teddy big cuddles and tiny kitty from down under Sydney Australia ­č玭čç║. Both are beautiful.Meanwhile Teddy’s like: “Gotta make sure I don’t sneeze on this innocent soul, or I’ll make it experience the notorious high winds of the Alps of my homeland”I love dogs, I have my very own Cerberus. They’re a great guard to protect my palace, their three heads really instill fear into my enemies

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