Cute Mischievous Cat & Dog What does a Golden Retriever Puppy do when a Cat Occupied her Bed

What does a Golden Retriever Puppy do when a Cat Occupied her Bed

After Mia has made a total racket, at the end, when Simon has finally has had enough of the noise, Mia actually FOLLOWS Simon and is like “where ya’ goin?!” LOL Too adorable! 🥰I love the dynamics between cats & dogs. My Doberman was brought up with our neighbours Burmese Blue. Absolutely hilarious their friendship was. Clumsy he was playing hide & seek but the Burmese enjoyed the fun.Simon: “Oh no, not one of those loud cheeky puppies again😾 Just leave me alone.” Mia is so cute 🥰 She wants to play. I hope Bailey comes home soon 😂🐾Qué hermosura ese cachorro!!!!A pesar de ser un invasor, el gato no fue agresivo, resistió todo lo que pudo, no le tiró ningún zarpazo en la cara y cuando se cansó de los reclamos huyó a refugiarse en su casita!😅Bellísimos los dos!❤️Super cute, the kitty cat stood his ground there for awhile before retreating. There going to be future best friends someday anyways.Simon was enjoying his snooze 💤 and a cozy bed . Unto Mia came and bark at Simon as too say it’s my bed not yours. Quite obviously Mia has seen Bailey doing this as we’ll. Cute video That was too cute… kitty is like, ok ok take your bed… puppy be like, dude! Can I come in there too? lol i love go,den retriever puppies… they are such adorable little bundles of fluff

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