Cute Mischievous Cat/Cats No One Wanted a Special Kitten Until He Met This Woman

No One Wanted a Special Kitten Until He Met This Woman

how could anyone NOT want a special needs kitty or other animal?..i love all creatures, but my heart bleeds for the disadvantaged creatures who need help..thank you for loving and caring for zeke.Nothing wrong with Zeke’s loving heart. All he needed was a family to love him as he is and let him share his kitten love with them! Love is the most powerful of miracles.honestly having a cat like this would be kinda hard because you’d just love it so much and you’d get heavily attached because of how innocent this cat is.This baby is so lovable! Bless the woman and her other kitty who gave this boy the opportunity to thrive and to have a wonderful loving life! Such a cutie!This is the most heartwarming, arguably and heartbreaking kitty rescue. A beautiful human and a kitten badly in need of love and care come together to form a fulfilling bond.How could you not want that baby? Take in a minute. One of god’s children is so precious and he is trusting you with one of his own.🥰You got such a sweet, caring, loving furball, who quite clearly enjoys living with you. How can someone abandon a kitten! Such an awful thing to do. An animal has a soul and feelings, too. Thank you very much for looking after this poor kitten.

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