Cute Mischievous Cat & Dog Golden Retriever Puppy Reacts to Baby Kittens

Golden Retriever Puppy Reacts to Baby Kittens

Just a warning, those kittens are still tender and fragile. Puppies bite hard with their sharp little puppy teeth. I think it may unintentionally hurt the tiny kittens. Give the kittens a couple months they will most likely let the puppy know not to do that! For now please be careful. 🥰I am legit concerned for the well being of the kittens. I can only imagine how much that must of scared and stressed them out when dealing with a puppy who don’t know just as better of how to behave around themI feel this could have been held back later when the kittens are bit more olderSweet Mia doesn’t understand that the kittens are still too young to play with her 🤔😉Don’t worry little girl, in a few weeks they’ll be ready to fight with cute naughty pups 👍😉❤I had been considering subscribing to this channel until I saw this video. This isn’t an animal lover sharing their joy in their beloved animals – this is someone using animals.The puppy is like the older sibling and wants to play with the younger siblings but can’t cause they are too small to play 🤣🤣 this is so cute though 🥰🥰

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