Cute Mischievous Cat & Dog Golden Retriever and Tiny Kittens Friendship

Golden Retriever and Tiny Kittens Friendship

Bailey’s patience, care and affection knows no bounds, he wears a “daddy” outfit for all the little animals they bring near him. Bailey really is an angel, a sweet creature! 💙💙💙Bailey is such a sweetheart, all the baby animals have loved him and he is so sweet with them. I see his age a bit now though.♥️🇨🇦Bailey is a kindly, welcoming soul, to one and all. You can see it in his eyes. The kittens instinctively know it, are fully at ease/relaxed around him. What a buddy he is.Two little cuties😻 and one big sweetheart🥰 Sorry, I can only repeat it😉😂: Babysitter Bailey is simply the best. A patient, tolerant, calm, kind and incredibly lovely dog👍🐾❤Oooo… Jak te kocięta🐱🐱urosły 👍😯😁. Śliczne maluchy🐱🐱😍🥰😘. A Bailey 🐶 jak zwykle rewelacyjny w roli opiekuna👍🤗❤. Śliczny😍🥰 i kochany 😘 z niego psiak 🐶🤗❤😘. Pozdrawiam serdecznie🤗🇵🇱❤👋

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