Cute Mischievous Cat & Dog Bernese Mountain Dog and Kittens Become Friends

Bernese Mountain Dog and Kittens Become Friends

Teddy is always gentle and sweet with everyone. He’s my favourite from the very beginning.Awesome seeing Teddy again and with his special kitten 🐱 friendship is so beautiful.How adorable snuggle time’s together it show’s the love ❤️ they have for each other.😻🐶🐱😺🐶😻😸This dog is beautiful and yet he becomes even more when he plays with little kittens. Just watch his broad and happy smile when he is with them. Just very desirable dog for other pets and it also looks very bright and intelligent. Truly great dog.Dora and Kitty are so relaxed and playful. It doesn’t matter if Teddy is laying next to them or on them😂. And Teddy is so cute. A big gentle fluffy boy, very patient🥰It’s encouraging to see Teddy has made friends with your kittens our Berniese Walter is still making efforts with our adult Hemalain Bo he’s our oldest pet and think’s he’s King lolI like how Teddy is breathing heavy next to Simon’s muzzle and Simon’s head goes up and down as a result. Feel good vibrations ! 🤣And I Really Love That How Teddy Is Friendly With Baby Kittens And I Really Love You More Teddy For Being The Best Good Boy ❤️🥰😂🙏😇😘👋👀😍🐺🐶🇺🇸🐾👍🤗Watching animals really can teach us how to be better humans. I’m inspired by these 3 to remember the value of getting along with people who are different than me or really only seem so and how enjoyable that can be….

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