Cute Mischievous Uncategorized Family adopts dog that had never been indoors. Now he can’t stop smiling

Family adopts dog that had never been indoors. Now he can’t stop smiling

Oh, I don’t know.. what you’ve brought to his life is pretty darn amazing. Comfort, fun, affection, security, understanding, appreciation, patience, and lots of love. Pretty great! ­čĺĽI also rescued a greyhound that was locked in a garage. He is such an affectionate dog he does not let me out of his sight. So happy you have given your greyhound a loving home.So happy for this family and so happy for Claude! Our family fostered and then adopted a one-eyed Shih Tzu earlier this year. We just spent our first Christmas with her! Seeing Claude smile is so heartwarming! Our Shih Tzu is a happy howler – very vocal little dog! :)The very, very best dog I ever had was a rescued greyhound (Grace). She did not know how to use stairs, how to tell me when she needed to go outside (she hadn’t been housetrained – she had lived in a crate for 4 years!), or how to play with a toy, etc. She never barked or made any sound and was incredibly intelligent. She really knew how to smile! She was the most loving dog, and my deaf cat Lucy loved her. She only wanted to please people. I miss her terriblyI’ve never had a greyhound, but I’ve heard a few people say that they’re amazing pets. Especially the retired racing ones. I once had a lurcher (greyhound x border collie) and it was a real pleasure taking her out for walks. She was such a happy playful dog and whenever she saw people, she got super excited and would jump up for attention. She really was a sweet loving dog. Whenever out for walks, she never once left my side, unless I was with other dogs and then she would shoot around fields and would jump fences and over ditches with such ease like she was a stag. I don’t know about greyhounds, but my lurcher could very easily get over a 6ft fence, so I’d make sure you have a secure garden.Gorgeous dogs, we’ve had three rescued greyhounds, all greatly loved and missed,thank you for saving this adorable boy ,best wishes from Darlington uk ­čĺĽ

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