Cute Mischievous Uncategorized Woman Gives Shelter Cat Hug, And Tabby Refuses To Let Go

Woman Gives Shelter Cat Hug, And Tabby Refuses To Let Go

The couple decided to visit the rescue center to watch the animals. Their attention was immediately drawn to the big tabby cat. When the girl took him in her arms, the cat was very friendly. Reminds me of one of my first adoptions. I went to the shelter looking for a kitten and an adult. One of the adults I picked up hugged me just like this cat. He went home with me and I enjoyed his company for almost 15 years. My cat did exactly the same thing to me when I went to the shelter to adopt a cat. He was 4 months old. Hes now 12 years old and is my dude.💞 Thank you so much for this wonderful, heartwarming and touching Video and Story. I am so happy for this beautiful cat that he found a lovely forever home. Wish this cat many happy years together with his family full with joy and love 🤗❤️🐈🍀👍😻💕🙏. I would have cried and figured out a way to take him home.He is adorable and he knew a good soul when he saw one !! Thank y’all for finding him the loving forever home he and every cat and dog deserves !!

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