Cute Mischievous Uncategorized The German Shepherd is the Best Friend for Cats

The German Shepherd is the Best Friend for Cats

I love the way they’re looking at like “why are you take video of us, what’s the big deal? We’re just playing & relaxing.” Rocky is a big handsome boy, and the cats are cute too. I’m glad that you have a happy family that gets along so well. Wow!! what a great video!! Rocky is charming all of his feline friends!! He’s a real gentleman!! Way to go Rocky…we love you!! ❤️ rocky is now matured enough to behave gentle with all his siblings…and we can easily say that every kid in this family maintain the calm and soft attitude like bailey…the best ever kid of this family…the relationship between all the kids use to give us a relaxed environment which is very much joyous to all the viewers…and of course thanks to their loving parents to nurture all the kids with this kind softness and brotherhood…god bless the entire family with all the happiness, love and protection❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🙏🙏🙏 Growing up, my big sister was a German shepherd named Annie. Gentlest creature on earth. She was used to birds and hamsters and loved them dearly (our birds would land on her nose and she’d hold totally still). One evening, my mom saw Annie looking up at the ceiling, her head going around in circles. The problem, though, was that Annie also had worry wrinkles over her eyes. It was a bat! 🦇 😂 GSD are the best!

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