Cute Mischievous Uncategorized Golden Retriever meets his new puppy sister

Golden Retriever meets his new puppy sister

Golden Retriever Boomer is 1.5 years old and meets his new 8-week-old puppy sister Bella, who is brought in to see him in a shopping bag. The two are from the same parents but different litters. Please subscribe to our channel so our pawrents can buy us new bones and toys! I love how gentle he is with her. You can tell he really wants to play but he is super careful to not actually make contact with her. That was the cutest thing. Boomer’s going to think he’s getting another sibling every time his owners come home with a bag from now on 😂 OMG how adorable, it could have been a bit longer please, it was just getting good. Hope they settled together quickly Beautiful doggies- both of the! Luv the video. Every pet needs a companion to talk to & play. Especially when their parents are not there. They get stressed & lonely🌺nice present 😘

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